Aluminum Composite Panel

ALUTILE brand Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) is made up of three layers, with two layers of aluminum skin on the top and bottom, and one layer of anti-toxic polyethylene material in the middle. Also, both of skin surfaces need to be coil-coated with special paint material like PVDF resin under a specific temperature condition. 

Standard: According to GB/T 17748-1999 standard

1) Aluminum skin thickness: 0.50x0.50mm, 0.40x0.40mm, 0.30x0.30mm, 0.21x0.21mm, 0.15x0.15mm;

2) Width: 1220mm (regular), 1570mm (Maximum);

3) Length: 2440mm (regular), and tailored by customers' offers;

4) Normal color: 31 kinds for ACP and 7 kinds for Granite Grain

5) Standard size: 1220mm (Width) x 2440mm (Length) x 3mm (Thickness), and 1220mm (Width) x 2440 (Length) x 4mm (Thickness);6)Non-standard sizes and special colors are available depending on customers' offers.
Scopes of Application:
1)  Constructional exterior curtain walls;
2)  Decorative renovation for storey-added old buildings;
3)  Indoors decoration for interior walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens and balconies;
4)  Advertisement board, display platforms and signboards;
5)  Wallboard and ceilings for tunnels;
6)  Raw materials in industrial purpose;
7)  Materials used for vehicle and boat.


Production line
Hongtai Group totally owns one high-speed digital control punching lines, one ACP core-layer production line, one chemosynthesis line, one 1600mm width double-coil-coating and double-baking line, one 1350mm width high-precision coating line, one continuous thermal-compositing and sawing-cutting line in 1600mm width, and one continuous thermal-compositing line in 1350mm width.

The Chemosynthesis Line
This line is responsible for cleaning out both lubricative and anti-oxidative oil that are adhered to the material surface during the period of being rolled and other impurities such as silicon, magnesium, iron and copper. We use qualified chemicals and advanced technology from Henkel Co., Germany, to make the surface treatment. By use of this technology, a thin film will be generated to cover the surface with high density, which will contribute to a high adhesive force between the coating and metal roll.

The High-Precision Coating Line
The line is precisely to coat the chemosynthesized aluminum rolls under a sealed and dustless condition by using an advanced multiple-coil-coating reversal high-precision equipment; consequently, the thickness of coating and its appearance could be controlled properly and strictly. Furthermore, the coating could achieve its best condition in all aspects like strengths and abilities etc.

The high speed, digital control punching line
The high-speed digital control punching line in our company is unique in China up to now, due to its super width. And its precision could reach 0.01mm. This line is specially applied to the punching for the core layer of metal composite panel or the processing for high quality metal ceilings. After such processes as punching, lubricating, and degreasing, all the impurities on the material surface such as silicon, magnesium, iron, copper etc. will be clearly cleaned out. As a result, the
properties of composite panels will be greatly improved, resulting in the best quality.


About us


Jiangxi Hongtai Industry Group Co. Ltd (Hongtai Group) was established in 1995, and specialized in manufacturing "ALUTILE" brand products series, suchas Aluminum Composite Panel, Solid Aluminum Panel, and Color-Coated Aluminum Coils etc. As a leading high tech FDI enterprise in Jiangxi Province, Hongtai Group owns a big industrial park of more than 60,000 square meters near Nanchang City. Also, it has totally invested USD20,000,000 to import 6 advanced full-automatic production lines from overseas, and the annual production capacity is expected to achieve 3,600,000 square meters.

The products of our company mainly include: Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP), Fire Resistance Aluminum Composite Panel, Metal Composite Panel, Solid Aluminum Panel, Color-Coated Aluminum Coils and so on, among which ACP holds a bigger proportion. With its wide application in numerous specifications, the thickness and width of ACP could vary accordingly from 2mm to 6mm and from 1000mm to 1600mm respectively. Also, the two kinds of special coatings on panel surface are PVDF (KYNAR500, HYLAR 5000) and Polyester.

As one of the major initiators of Chinese National ACP Standards and the standing councilors of China ACP Association, Hongtai Group always likes to place much emphasis on the R&D of new products , in an attempt to making continuous efforts to enhance its innovative and competitive edges for the future sustainable development. For an instance, of those many kinds of patented products obtained by Hongtai Group at home country or overseas, the Metal Composite Panel is the exclusive one.



For a long time, Hongtai Group has always been sticking to the principle of ،°Orientation to Quality & Creation for Brand،±. In 2001, Hongtai Group was the first one who was successfully qualified by ISO9001: 2000 authorization among all the industrial players. In 2004, ALUTILE panel received the test by SGS U.S. Testing Company Inc., and the results showed its quality could ulterly meet the requirements of American ASTM standard. Now, ALUTILE has become a famous brand in China, and been awarded all kinds of honor titles by National Building-Material Bureau, such as ،°Reliable & Recommendable Construction Products", ،°Building Materials Appointed by Olympic Game،± and ،°Environmental-Protection Building Materials،± etc. As a result, ALUTILE brand products are enjoying high popularity in both domestic and foreign markets, and the products have been exported to many other countries and regions like Russia, Middle East,South America,North America,Middle Asia, Southeast Asia etc


Product Materials

The Decorative Layer of Panel Surface
Nowadays the decorative layer for metal substrate mainly includes
all kinds of coating, film, surface transformation etc.

1)Paint Coating
Types: Acryloyl (AC) Silicon Modifed Polyester (SMPE)
Polyester (PET) Polyester Amide (PA) SDPE
Epoxide Urethane (PV) PVDF.

The Comparison Chart of Gloss Preservation Ratio for Different Coatings

The Comparison Chart of Gloss Preservation Ratio for Different Coatings

The Comparison Chart of Color Change for Different Coatings

The Comparison Chart of Color Change for Different Coatings

The Comparison Chart of Weathering Change for Different Coatings

The Comparison Chart of Weathering Change for Different Coatings


Why does PVDF coating possess such excellent performances?
The structure of fluorine-carbon short bond combined with hydrogen bond is the steadiest and firmest structure among all kinds of chemical bond structure. As one of the criteria of judging stability and tightness of chemical structure, the electronegative atom index of PVDF coating could achieve 105 KJ/mole. However, for the normal coating, it is only 83.2 KJ/mole. Also, there is an inorganic material whose molecular structure is SiO2, which is created by certain chemical method and made of pure inorganic resin. Because the energy of composing Silicon and Oxide is 101KJ/mole, this kind of molecular structure will not be destroyed easily by ultraviolet radiation. Moreover, the other properties of PVDF coating, such as self-cleaning, Incombustibility, environmental protection etc., are still remarkable.
The Coating of ALUTILE Composite Panel for Curtain-Wall
The higher the content of PVDF in paint, the better the weathering-resistance of the panel, but, the poorer the adhesive force between the coating and base material. Therefore, ALUTILE panel adopts a scientific arrangement in pairs or groups for PVDF coatings. For example, the percent of PVDF in primer paint is quite low, so that the adhesive force created is good enough to make the primer paint stick to the base material firmly. Strictly speaking, it creates a layer thermoplastic PVDF coating, which possesses excellent performance of Mek resistance.